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Jair Adriano Lima Silva

Graduated in Electrical Engineering at Federal University of Espírito Santo UFES (Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo), he has Masters and Doctor Degree in Electrical Engineering at the Telecommunication Laboratory LabTel (Laboratório de Telecomunicações) of UFES. He was a professor of the Electrical Engineering course at Federal Institute of Espírito Santo. He joined the permanent staff of the Electrical Engineering course at UFES in February 2012. His main research interests include OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) applied to long-haul optical communication systems (Optical OFDM), Passive Optical Networks, Radio-over-fiber, Wirelless and Power Line Communications systems.

Published Papers

ROCHA, H. R. O.; OLIARI, V.; PEREIRA, E. V.; NUNES, R. B.; Segatto, Marcelo E. V.; SILVA, JAIR A.; Increasing the Spectral Efficiency of DDO-CE-OFDM Systems by Multi-Objective Optimization; 2019;

ZWAAG, K. M. V. D.; NEVES, J. L. C.; ROCHA, H. R. O.; Segatto, Marcelo E. V.; SILVA, JAIR A.; Adaptation to the LEDs flicker requirement in visible light communication systems through CE-OFDM signals; 2019;

ROCHA, H. R. O.; CRUZ, M. A. R. S.; SILVA, JAIR A.; Metering design for power networks using observability indicators; 2019;

DA V. PEREIRA, ESEQUIEL; OLIARI, V.; ROCHA, H. R. O.; Segatto, Marcelo E. V.; SILVA, JAIR A.L.; Electrical constant envelope signals for nonlinearity mitigation in coherent-detection orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing systems; 2017;

ROCHA, H. R. O.; SOUZA, J.; Silva, Jair A. L.; Fast and Flexible Design of Optimal Metering Systems for Power Systems Monitoring; 2017;

DIAS, VINICIUS O.C.; PEREIRA, EZEQUIEL DA V.; ROCHA, HELDER R.O.; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; SILVA, J. A. L.; Performance evaluation of CO-OFDM systems based on electrical constant-envelope signals; 2017;

NUNES, R. B.; BACALHAU, J. M. R.; SILVA, JAIR A.L.; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; A MAC Layer Protocol for a Bandwidth Scalable OFDMA PON Architecture; 2017;

DALARMELINA, C. A.; ADEGBITE, S. A.; DA V. PEREIRA, ESEQUIEL; NUNES, R. B.; ROCHA, H. R. O.; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; Silva, Jair A. L.; Evaluation of selective control information detection scheme in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-based radio-over-fiber and visible light communication links; 2017;

ROCHA, HELDER R. DE O.; BENINCÁ, MATHEUS O. L.; C. E. S. Castellani; PONTES, MARIA J.; SEGATTO, MARCELO E. V.; SILVA, J. A. L.; Performance analysis and comparison of multipump Raman and hybrid erbium-doped fiber amplifier + Raman amplifiers using nondominated sorting genetic algorithm optimization; 2016;

WILKENS, J. T.; GARCIA, A. S.; SILVA, J. A. L.; Simulating a Multi-Vehicle Traffic Sensing System Based on Radio Tomographic Imaging; 2016;

NUNES, REGINALDO B.; A. Shahpari; SILVA, J. A. L.; M. J. N. Lima; P. S André; Segatto, Marcelo E. V.; Experimental Demonstration of a 33.5 Gb/s OFDM based PON with Subcarrier Pre-emphasis; 2016;

CASTOR, L. R.; NATALE, R.; FAVERO, J. P.; SILVA, JAIR A.L.; SEGATTO, Marcelo Eduardo Vieira; The Smart Grid Concept in Oil & Gas Industries by a Field Trial of Data Communication in MV Power Lines; 2016;

ROCHA, H. R. O.; CASTELLANI, C. E. S.; Silva, Jair A. L.; PONTES, M. J.; SEGATTO, Marcelo Eduardo Vieira; Fast optimization of multipump Raman amplifiers based on a simplified wavelength and power budget heuristic; 2015;

NUNES, REGINALDO B.; DE O ROCHA, HELDER R.; MELLO, DARLI A. A.; SIMOES, FABIO D.; Segatto, Marcelo E. V.; Silva, Jair A. L.; Transmission of CE-OFDM Signals Over MMF Links Using Directly Modulated 850-nm VCSELs; 2015;

PEREIRA, E. V.; ROCHA, H. R. O.; NUNES, R. B.; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; Silva, Jair A. L.; Impact of Optical Power in the Guard-band Reduction of an Optimized DDO-OFDM System; 2015;

NUNES, REGINALDO B.; ROCHA, HELDER R. DE O.; SEGATTO, MARCELO E.V.; SILVA, JAIR A.L.; Experimental validation of a constant-envelope OFDM system for optical direct-detection; 2014;

ROCHA, H. R. O.; ALMEIDA, T. M.; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; SILVA, J. A. L.; Mono-Objective Optimization for Direct Detection Optical OFDM Transmissions in Short-Range Links; 2013;

Silva, Jair A. L.; Cartaxo, Adolfo V. T.; Segatto, Marcelo E. V.; A PAPR Reduction Technique Based on a Constant Envelope OFDM Approach for Fiber Nonlinearity Mitigation in Optical Direct-Detection Systems; 2012;

Coura, Daniel J. C.; Silva, Jair A. L.; Segatto, Marcelo E. V.; A bandwidth scalable OFDM passive optical network for future access network; 2009;