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Marcelo Eduardo Vieira Segatto

received the B. Sc. Degree in electrical engineering from the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES), Vitória, Brazil in 1991, the M.Sc. degree also in electrical engineering from State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Campinas, Brazil in 1994, and the Ph.D. from the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, UK, in 2001. He joined UFES, Department of the Electrical Engineering as an Assistant Professor in 1994 acting as its Head from 2012 to 2016. During his Ph.D., his worked as researcher at British Telecom Labs (BT Labs) and Corning Labs, both in Ipswich, England. He is a member of the Optical Society of America (OSA), the Brazilian Society of Microwaves and Optoelectronics (SBMO, Electromagnetics (SBMag) and Telecommunications (SBrT). In the last 15 years or so, he has acted as consultant and carried out several transfer technology projects for a number of companies linked to the Information and Communication Technology and Electrical Engineering such as Petrobras, Eletronorte, Eletrosul, PADTEC S/A and several startup companies. Also in the last years he acted as a member of the postgraduate program of Electrical Engineering at UFES with research interests concentrated in optical communications including devices, systems and networks, optical sensors, network sensors, broadband powerline communication.

bachelor’s at Engenharia Elétrica from Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo (1991), master’s at Electric Engineering from Universidade Estadual de Campinas (1994) and doctorate at Física from Imperial College Of Science Technology And Medicine (2001). Has experience in Electric Engineering, focusing on Telecommunication Systems, acting on the following subjects: telecomunicações, comunicações ópticas, redes ópticas, dispositivos ópticos and eletromagnetismo aplicado.

Accepted Papers


ROCHA, H. R. O.; SILVA, Jair Adriano Lima; Beninca, M.; CASTELLANI, C. E. S.; Segatto, Marcelo Eduardo Vieira; PONTES, Maria José; Performance Analysis and Comparison of Multi-Pump Raman and Hybrid EDFA+Raman Amplifiers using NSGA-II Optimization; 2016;

YAHYAOUI, I.; TADEO, F.; Segatto, Marcelo Eduardo Vieira; Energy and Water Management for Drip-Irrigation of Tomatoes in a Semi-Arid District; 2016;


Published Papers


CRUZ, MARCO A.R.S.; ROCHA, HELDER R.O.; PAIVA, MARCIA H.M.; SEGATTO, MARCELO E.V.; CAMBY, EGLANTINE; CAPOROSSI, GILLES; An algorithm for cost optimization of PMU and communication infrastructure in WAMS; 2019;




LEAL-JUNIOR, ARNALDO G.; FRIZERA, ANSELMO; MARQUES, CARLOS; SÁNCHEZ, MANUEL R.A.; BOTELHO, THOMAZ R.; SEGATTO, MARCELO V.; PONTES, Maria José; Polymer optical fiber strain gauge for human-robot interaction forces assessment on an active knee orthosis; 2018;


LEAL-JUNIOR, ARNALDO G.; FRIZERA, ANSELMO; MARQUES, CARLOS; SANCHEZ, MANUEL R. A.; DOS SANTOS, WILIAN M.; SIQUEIRA, ADRIANO A. G.; SEGATTO, MARCELO V.; PONTES, MARIA JOSE; Polymer Optical Fiber for Angle and Torque Measurements of a Series Elastic Actuator’s Spring; 2018;


SANCHEZ, MANUEL R. A.; LEAL-JUNIOR, ARNALDO G.; SEGATTO, MARCELO V.; MARQUES, CARLOS; DOS SANTOS, WILIAN M.; SIQUEIRA, ADRIANO A. G.; FRIZERA, ANSELMO; Fiber Bragg grating-based sensor for torque and angle measurement in a series elastic actuator?s spring; 2018;


DEPIZZOL, DANIELA BERTOLINI; MONTALVÃO, JUGURTA; LIMA, Fabio de Oliveira; MOREIRA PAIVA, MARCIA HELENA; VIEIRA SEGATTO, MARCELO EDUARDO; Feature selection for optical network design via a new mutual information estimator; 2018;


SCANDIAN, L. B.; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; C. E. S. Castellani; Analytical Analysis and Experimental Validation of a Multi-parameter Mach- Zehnder Fiber Optic Interferometric Sensor; 2018;


SILVA, LUÍS CICERO BEZERRA DA; PONTES, Maria José; Segatto, Marcelo Eduardo Vieira; Analysis of Parameters for a Distributed Temperature Sensing based on Raman Scattering; 2017;


NUNES, R. B.; BACALHAU, JOÃO M.R.; SILVA, JAIR A.L.; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; A MAC Layer Protocol for a Bandwidth Scalable OFDMA PON Architecture; 2017;


PEREIRA, ESEQUIEL DA V.; DIAS, VINICIUS O. C.; ROCHA, HELDER R. O.; Segatto, Marcelo E. V.; SILVA, JAIR A. L.; Electrical constant envelope signals for nonlinearity mitigation in coherent-detection orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing systems; 2017;


DALARMELINA, CARLOS A.; ADEGBITE, SAHEED A.; PEREIRA, ESEQUIEL DA V.; NUNES, REGINALDO B.; ROCHA, HELDER R. O.; Segatto, Marcelo E. V.; SILVA, JAIR A. L.; Evaluation of selective control information detection scheme in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-based radio-over-fiber and visible light communication links; 2017;


YAHYAOUI, IMENE; TADEO, FERNANDO; SEGATTO, MARCELLO VIEIRA; Energy and water management for drip-irrigation of tomatoes in a semi- arid district; 2017;


YAHYAOUI, IMENE; SEGATTO, MARCELO E.V.; A practical technique for on-line monitoring of a photovoltaic plant connected to a single-phase grid; 2017;


PAIVA, M. H. M.; Segatto, Marcelo Eduardo Vieira; CAPOROSSI, GILLES; CAMBY, E.; Expected Distance Based on Random Walks; 2017;


DIAS, VINICIUS O.C.; PEREIRA, EZEQUIEL DA V.; ROCHA, HELDER R.O.; SEGATTO, MARCELO E.V.; SILVA, JAIR A.L.; Performance evaluation of CO-OFDM systems based on electrical constant-envelope signals; 2017;


COUTINHO, B. C.; LIMA, F. O.; LIMA JR, I. T.; GARCIA, A. S.; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; A Multilayer Approach for Optical Network Planning; 2016;

CASTOR, L. R.; NATALE, R.; FAVERO, J. P.; SILVA, J. A. L.; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; The Smart Grid Concept in Oil & Gas Industries by a Field Trial of Data Communication in MV Power Lines; 2016;


NUNES, R. B.; SHAHPARI, ALI; SILVA, JAIR; LIMA, MARIO; DE BRITO ANDRE, PAULO; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; Experimental Demonstration of a 33.5 Gb/s OFDM based PON with Subcarrier Pre-emphasis; 2016;


ROCHA, HELDER R. DE O.; BENINCÁ, MATHEUS O. L.; CASTELLANI, CARLOS E. S.; PONTES, M. J.; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; SILVA, JAIR A. L.; Performance analysis and comparison of multipump Raman and hybrid erbium-doped fiber amplifier + Raman amplifiers using nondominated sorting genetic algorithm optimization; 2016;


PEREIRA, E. V.; NUNES, REGINALDO; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; SILVA, JAIR; Impact of Optical Power in the Guard-band Reduction of an Optimized DDO-OFDM System; 2015;


PAVAN, C.; DE LIMA, L. S.; PAIVA, M. H. M.; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; How Reliable Are the Real-World Optical Transport Networks?; 2015;


ROCHA, H. R. O.; CASTELLANI, C. E. S.; SILVA, J. A. L.; PONTES, M. J.; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; Fast optimization of multipump Raman amplifiers based on a simplified wavelength and power budget heuristic; 2015;


NUNES, REGINALDO B.; DE O ROCHA, HELDER R.; MELLO, DARLI A. A.; SIMOES, FABIO D.; Segatto, Marcelo E. V.; Silva, Jair A. L.; Transmission of CE-OFDM Signals Over MMF Links Using Directly Modulated 850-nm VCSELs; 2015;


CAPOROSSI, G.; PAIVA, M. H. M.; RIBEIRO, M. R. N.; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; On the impact of one vertex or edge removal on distance-based invariants for Cartesian product graphs; 2015;


RIBEIRO, M. R. N.; VASSOLER, G. L.; PAIVA, M. H. M.; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; Twin Datacenter Interconnection Topology; 2014;


NUNES, REGINALDO B.; ROCHA, HELDER R. DE O.; SEGATTO, MARCELO E.V.; SILVA, JAIR A.L.; Experimental validation of a constant-envelope OFDM system for optical direct-detection; 2014;


MIRANDA, A. M. L.; LIMA, Fabio de Oliveira; ROCHA, H. R. O.; VIJAYKUMAR, N.; FRANCES, C. R. L.; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; COSTA, J. C. W. A.; Wavelength Assignment Using a Hybrid Evolutionary Computation to Reduce Cross- Phase Modulation; 2014;


COUSINEAU, MARTIN; PERRON, SYLVAIN; CAPOROSSI, GILLES; PAIVA, MARCIA; SEGATTO, MARCELO; RWA problem with geodesics in realistic OTN topologies; 2014;


ROCHA, H. R. O.; ALMEIDA, T. M.; Segatto, Marcelo Eduardo Vieira; SILVA, Jair Adriano Lima; Mono-Objective Optimization for Direct Detection Optical OFDM Transmissions in Short-Range Links; 2013;

PAIVA, M. H. M.; CAPOROSSI, G.; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; Twin Graphs for OTN Physical Topology Design; 2013;

Caporossi, G.; PAIVA, M.; VUKICEVIC, D.; Segatto, Marcelo Eduardo Vieira; Centrality and Betweenness: Vertex and Edge Decomposition of the Wiener Index; 2012;


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Bastos-Filho, Carmelo J. A.; Figueiredo, Elliackin M. N.; Martins-Filho, Joaquim F.; Chaves, Daniel A. R.; Segatto, Marcelo E. V.; Cani, S.; Pontes, Maria J.; Design of distributed optical-fiber raman amplifiers using multi-objective particle swarm optimization; 2011;


PONTES, M. J.; FERREIRA, G. C. M.; CANI, S. P. N.; PONTES, M. J.; SEGATTO, M. E. V.; Optimization of Distributed Raman Amplifiers Using a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm With Geometric Compensation Technique; 2011;


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